Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dimestore Diamond: Maiden Voyage in Bleu

So's I'm a newbie to SL (joined 3/2/10.) Like most, it confounded me so thoroughly at the start I was ready to uninstall it after 10 minutes. For whatever reason, I kept at it. I soon discovered live music, ace clubs throwing things like a "zombie party" where people dance with chainsaws and the roof literally rains blood (I love you, Pourhouse!) and I was sold. Then... I discovered the show "Fabulous Fashion with Angie Mornington", and quickly watched them all on itunes. Then I discovered SL fashion blogs. Then I was lost.

I know there are a ton of SL fashion blogs of AMAZING quality and the community really doesn't need mine. But, I have features I really want to do, and I'm hoping I have a fresh voice.

I won't just be sharing what I wear (though that will be there), well that will be only part of it, anyway. They will accompany stories, songs that inspired the clothes. I will focus on fashion that is affordable and even free- though more costly things will be included, because dammit the craftsmanship out there demands it. I'll also be interviewing random SL members "on the street" that have unique and/or amazing fashion, and what went into their outfits- literally and emotionally. I will hopefully be able to interview designers, because creative people are almost always amazing storytellers.

So please join me, and I'll do my best to give you a fresh look at my experiences in Second Life. Thanks so much for stopping by. :) I live for comments, and if you would like to be interviewed please contact me in-world under the name Lila Corith, or leave me a message here including your SL name.

Now, onto my oufit. This was the first outfit I "put together" that I really was proud of. It fit my esthetic, I actually got compliments on it and it was PERFECT for one of my favorite SL activities- dancing! I'm a big fan of retro/vintage looks, and I'm happy that I did reasonably well with mixing a vintage look with a few modern pieces to make it current. I apologize for my lack of photo skillz, I do NOT own Photoshop, but I kind of like representing what the clothes actually look like when worn.

This skirt was MADE for twirling! I like seeing clothes in action- many clothes can look good in poses, but can they pass the boogie test?

The retro-meets-modern reminded me of one of my favorite bands, The Gossip, which turns that juxtaposition into amazing rock music. Please enjoy this amazing song that inspired the title of this blog, and please let me know your opinions on the outfits. :)

Dork dancing it up at The Pourhouse. I was surrounded by gorgeous punk women in leather and torn up stuff- I felt like their grandmother. But granny can still rock it to The Exploited, whoop!

Sitting on the dock of the bay outside the gorgeous Swoon dance club (I highly recommend it- beautiful sim, great DJs, friendly people and a casual elegant-dressy dress code that keeps it lovely eye candy.) Enjoying the sunset as my necklace enjoys the light it gives- show-off.

Shiny and pondering.

Hair: Donated by a kind soul when she saw what a hideous newbie I was- sadly it's not labeled. If anyone has any idea PLEASE contact me. This is my favorite hair and the one I go to the most, the texture and color are divine. Technically a freebie!
Skin: Cupcakes "Enchanted April" in Apricot skintone w/ freckles- freebie!
Sweater: Jacket from "Treasure" outfit, from a freebie outfit from Rebel Hope.
Dress: "Aunt Elsie" dress in blue, from Artilleri. $180L each, though I splurged for the fatpack at as at Artilleri they give you a GREAT deal on fatpacks.
Hair accessory: Corsage des fleurs bleues by tomoto. Obtained at the RFL Clothing Fair, not sure if this shade is normally available. $50L, all to the Race for Life foundation!
Jewelry: $GaNKeD$ Petal bracelet & necklace in "Peacock" and earrings in "Mermaid". ALL FREE from the Accessory Fair (which was amazing, btw.) Ganked is my favorite jewelry designer on SL- large, chunky pieces that should be tacky that aren't- plus a ton of freebies and reasonably priced beyond that. Since the rest of the outfit was fairly conservative I thought the jewelry added a bit of a "wow" factor.
Sandals: Lassitude & Ennui's "Siganture Sandals" in white, freebie!

So here is a "new" vintage look I've put together, you'll come to see that I have a wide taste but I guess I can never resist blue and retro. Heck, I even love the film Blue Velvet- though I don't think I'll be screaming "PABST BLUUUE RIBBON!!" at people in this cute lil' get-up.

In front of the **Trixi Stix** outlet store in Retrology- thanks for the stoop use! I don't look too much like a pigeon, do I?

At the classic movie cinema next door at Retrology. Talk about down in front! Usually I get so angry at people that talk during the movies, too...

Hair: Ingenue's "Myrna" in Dark Ash shade. I'm a HUGE Myrna Loy fan and adore this hair, now I really want it in Loy's dark shade... oh, it's a FREEBIE! I'm not usually big on blonde hair, but once in a while it's nice to try it out. The results of whether it's more fun or not are still inconclusive, as is whether gentlemen prefer them or not.
Skin: Cupcake's "Daydream- Cameo- Darkness with Freckles" This has become my favorite and pretty much constant skin. FREEBIE! group subscription gift.
Hair flower: Corsage des fleurs bleues by tomoto.
Shirt, skirt and shoes: StormCrow Clothing's Second Style Gift Giveaway! Yes, FREEBIE for subscribers of Second Style Island! They've been giving away amazing free items daily so you definitely want to join if you haven't already.
Bracelet: Slink Orchid Wrist Corsage- another Second Style Island subscriber gift. You think I was kidding??
Necklace: [astraia]'s Peep necklace, FREEBIE from hidden egg at the amazing Spring Bazaar. There are a TON of hidden eggs containing amazing things, and so many great designers with nothing over $50L.
Total Cost of Look: $50L, which all went to charity. Whoop!

Bonus outfit, while getting my hair did at Artilleri. I like to think of this as Mad Men's Joan's "Blue Period" version of her now iconic red dress. ;)

Hair, skin, wrist & hair flower: See above
Shoes: O! Bleak's Black & White Spring Heels, $250L This is a little shop with items inspired by Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" video, definitely worth a visit if you're a fan!
Suit: Ingenue's Ane Azure outfit, which I got for $50L in the clearance section. Love the fit of this, they also have other colors.
Bag: One bittersweet freebie from .bag lady. the Quiet Sanity purse. Apparently she cannot continue her lovely label due to Real Life issues, so this was a "going away present" to her subscribers. I wish her the absolute best, and I hope she knows her talent will be missed- and hopefully return!

Note: I'd love to exchange links with other SL blogs.