Monday, June 28, 2010

Tableau Summer Fest Inspiration

The box had kept her mind, her will, locked inside of it for too long. Her father allowed it to be her mother, so she accepted it- whenever she felt the urge to rebel, explore or leave- the staged adventure of screen satiated her. It was safer.

Until one day she felt how dead she was inside, thanks to the box. Even though she decided to destroy it in her mind, throwing a rock through the screen was satisfying as well.
Now, she was free. She was going... where? She wasn't yet sure, but her own two feet were taking here there.

The suitcase wasn't a map of where she'd been, but of where she has yet to discover.

Suitcase: Ugly Duck Travelers Case (comes with & without AO)
Shirt: Nylon Outfitters Embrodered Cowgirl shirt (all proceeds go to the Center for Biological Diversity)
Shorts: Emery Palm Shorts Dressing Room $70L
Hair: Clawtooth Femme fatale (ponytail version) in Chocolate Cake. The scarfs are pattern change, I am in love.
Pin: Tres Blah I Love Summer pin (freebie)

Friday, June 25, 2010

50 Linden Hop Into the Ocean!

I started out the FLF trek in a weird mood... (click to see my shopping... outfit.)

Swimsuits seemed to be the thing of the day this Friday, so grab your trunks and dive in!

At least Crispin Glover doesn't think I'm a loser. I love you too, Crispin. Hey, does this make me a furry now? Noooo!

Elephant nose, ears & pose: RC Cluster $50L
Swimsuit: (5th&Oxford) Narita Swimsuit $50L

Dress: *katat0nik* Dottie Dress $50L (I ADORE this dress!!)
Sandals: [SC] Surf Couture - Desert Sandals - Original $50L
(Picture taken- and Crispin Glove photo- from the lovely Vaude store!)

"What? Of course I'm a legitimate cowboy, sheesh!!!"

It also comes in this cool down option!

Sunglasses: (Elate!) Susie Cateye Shades - Cobalt $50L
Hat: Reek Ween Cowboy Hat - Blue $50L I love Reek. It's like- I don't go around thinking "Gee, I really need a blue cowboy hat." Then I buy it- and I freakin' love it!! They have such beautifully crafted odd/fun things, I love that store.
Hair: Ploom Sylvan in Indigo

Bikini: PIDIDDLE - Sexy Swim Kinis $50L Pink version also included.
Pose from the RC Cluster set :)

Bikini: Luck, Inc. Ibizia Bikini Tartan $50L
Glasses, teeth, sign: RC Cluster Whatever, Loser boxed set $50L

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Truth Hair (Most of It...)

New Truth hair, yippee!!
Lucille in Mocha, skin Leafy in Miso.

Lucille Streaked in Cocoa (Streak script color options!) Skin by Lara Skin.

Iris (brown pack) Iris & Iris 2- Iris (bottom) comes with a ton of thread/bead color change options! Skin by Curio, all poses by Modd.G.

The other new style NOT pictured is going to be blowing up like the Sylvia hair did, I think. It's basically the last streaked/layered style, except a little bow is attached. It's cute, but I have to pay for my hair and it's no a big enough difference for me to spend my money on. :) It'll be hugely popular, though, mark my words- especially with the Kiki Kannibal-SL types.

I am so sorry for the repeating poses, it's just really hard finding ones where the hair doesn't stick THROUGH the breast! =o

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Stronger Than All....

Sometimes you need to bang all the bad crap out of your head, ya know? Sometimes you also need to let you BEATING METAL HEART SHOW! Metal Shirts Heaven has a ton of metal band shirts for $45L, and today the second shirt is free! After you buy your first shirt just message the very nice owner, Bangkokbetty Carter, with your choice of second shirt.
Shirt: Metal Shirts Heaven Pantera 1 shirt
Skirt: Kyoot Cordoroy Mini in Nutty
Hair: Truth Paloma in Gem
Shirt: Metal Shirts Heaven Opeth shirt
Skirt: Bingo Rae Skirt (from the dress, which is REALLY freakin' cute, btw.)
Hair: Truth Sylvia in Blood (streaked)

Back detail of shirt.

Outfit Playlist:

MAJOR paper.doll Sale!

paper.doll is having a 50% off EVERYTHING sale since they're about to redesign the store, with hidden $10 items hidden around the store! Here's the $10 items I was able to find. If you've been wanting to add some sexy/risque to your wardrobe without spending much, this is a great opportunity. Also, their skins are only $350L a pop right now!

Dress: {paper.doll} CocktailV2-Black/Emerald $10L
Skin: {paper.doll} Sophie Pale #10 (cleavage)
Bracelet: Mariposa: Aubade Kissed Bangles
Hair: Maitreya Malou in Charcoal

Dress shirt: {paper.doll} LoveIs in Black and Teal $10L
Hair: Truth Boho in Sangria
Skin: {paper.doll} Sophie Pale #01 (cleavage)

Outfit: {paper.doll} CocktailMini-Frost $10L
Skin: {paper.doll} Sophie Pale #09 (cleavage)
Rings: Mariposa Jewels: Expressions BFF Ring
Hair: TRUTH Leah in Chocolate

Top: {paper.doll} RuffleTank Cherries Top $10L
Jeans: {paper.doll} XtraLow-FadedWash $10L
Skin: {paper.doll} Sophie Pale #02 (cleavage)
Earrings: *BOOM* Skinny Plastic Earrings -Brass $10L (Gacha machine)
Shoes: Moq Group Member Gift Black sandal heels Freebie
Hair: Lucy2 in Jealous Red

Dress: {paper.doll} SweaterDress-Teal $10L
Skin: {paper.doll} Sophie Pale #03 (cleavage)
Hair: (Posh) Naive in Sunflower
Earrings: GANKED Petal in Peacock

Shirt: {paper.doll} TiedUp Plaid in Blue $10L
Skin: {paper.doll} Sophie Pale #05 (cleavage)
Hair: Truth Sage in smurf

Outfit: {paper.doll} SuspenderMini in Grape $10L
Skin: {paper.doll} Sophie Pale #04 (cleavage)
Hair: Libu Liyum Hair in Purple

Shirt: {paper.doll} WetTank-Pink $10L
Skin: {paper.doll} Sophie Pale #07 (cleavage)
Hair: Clawtooth Twinkle Toast in Delicious wine

Shirt: {paper.doll} WrappedV2 in Champagne $10L
Skin: {paper.doll} Sophie Pale #09 (cleavage)
Shorts: Tres Blah- StarLust Motel Shorts (wanna be camel toe, classy) $1L
Hair: !lamb - Egomaniacal in Resturant Ketchup

Dress: {paper.doll} YourBoyfriend in White/Orange $10L (I think this would be good if you like causing trouble when you go out, haha.)
Skin: {paper.doll} Sophie Pale #12 (cleavage)
Hair: W&Y

Sassy Rings FTW!

Mariposa Jewels has made some stunning, VERY unique jewelry- Expression Rings. They remind me a bit of high-fashion brass knuckles. They come with a resizing script (the default is set to size 20 hands), a glow script, and you can choose from silver and bronze textures. Right now there are eight total choices, but designer Felicity Winslet is considering adding more in the future.

Yeah Jack White, I'm CALLING YOU OUT!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Le Cirque-Tres Jolie!

All these wonderful weekly fashion events are killing me! Oh man do I got willingly, though.
Le Cirque is back- and while it looks like not all the vendors are present & accounted for, there are wonderful things. If you're afraid of clowns, don't worry- it looks as those they've already murdered them all & hid their bodies. Yay! Now for pretty clothes. ;) Note: Le Cirque is NOT a discount event. =/ Everything from Le Cirque unless otherwise noted.

Hair: I Love Olive "Blow" hair in Light Red
Dress: *Bliss Couture* Genevieve Floral Jumper (Black)
Hair accessory: AtomicBambi Hair Corsage - Flutter-By (Cerise)
Shoes: *YS&YS* Open Stiletto Baby TDR The Dressing Room (I freaking LOVE these heels!!) $60L
1st pic pose: aDORKable Kite Poses, chair from second pic from [R]epublica.(Not from Cirque)

Skin: []::Tuli::[] Tanya :: VIP update group preview gift
Dress: [[[ SWANSONG ]]] Monsoon Kaftan (Ruby)
Hair: LoQ Hairs Frappe - Red
Necklace: Mariposa Jewels: Jaded (Not from Cirque)

Oh no, ZombiePopcorn carnival snuck in!! Doll & mask group gifts. :)

The Dressing Room Is Full!

The Dressing Room is like lovely, weekly crack for the cash-strapped & loaded fashion addicts alike. Here are some of the things you can find this week. :) OH! MEN! They have awesome hair, a high fashion jacket & shades for you, so hurry over as well!

Skin: []::Tuli::[] The Dressing Room LE :: Gina 02 $65L The Dressing Room
Dress: A&A Fashion Brisse Mini Dress Gold [TDR]6 $55L The Dressing Room
Bracelets: Mariposa Animosity - Silver FREEBIE! (free in TONS of colors, amazing store & freebies here!!)
Hair: Exile Leslie/Summer girl $52L The Dressing Room
Shoes: Pacadi Jasha Ankle Boots in Black
Pose: Modd.G

Bra & Panties: - Glam Affair - Carol $50L The Dressing Room
Hat: [glow] Studio - Hat - Black Chic $65L The Dressing Room
Scarf: [glow] studio Scarfs GLOW Gold $50L for gold & silver. Nope, not wearing a facelight- that's the scarf! :D The Dressing Room
Bracelet: Mariposa Jewels: Oceanic bracelet
Skin: Mango, Mango! Sileny's 3rd Rezday gift! (Happy Rezday! Late!) Free group gift
Hair: :::Sn@tch Sally Hair (Jet Black):::
Pose: Glitterati

Friday, June 18, 2010

$50 Linden Hop!

My favorite time of the week in SL, here's what I picked up! Scroll down to see my "guy friendly" FLF list. :)

(Yes, that little plant is unfortunately placed...)

Hair: !lamb. Dog Roses - Kit Kat $50L Friday (Hat is color change!)
Bra & panties: (epoque) Strapless Bra & High-waist Knickers - Grey/Nude Lace $50L Friday! (I freakin' love this vintage style, I personally think this can double as a swimsuit.)
Skin: [Pink Fuel] Ember in Honey shade- HoneyB (I've joined the bandwagon... I freakin' LOVE this skin!! It's just so pretty, delicate with divine spring shade makeups.)
Pose: /.tea/ speaking her name in vain $50L Rockin' Friday poses pack

I had a really weird thing happen with the Deco necklace... after I unpacked it it basically became huge and covered my screen no matter which way I turned... did this happen to anyone else? Help?

Tattoo: [The Habitat] Tattoo - Springtime (Unisex) $50L Friday!
Dress: +mocha+ - Moon Light Dance [Blue] $50L Friday! (also comes in 3 other colors)
Hair: !lamb. Whoop Dee Doo - Butter $50L Friday! (I get so excited when lamb does FLF, their hair is unique & completely addictive.)
Skin: [PF] Ember - New Blood
Pose: Glitterati Model Set 1

Close-up of Miel Gia Ring, !lamb hair & Habitat tattoo.

Dress: -L`Abel- Ditte demin set $50L Friday! (Taking off the prim skirt gives you a lovely vintage-style swimsuit!)
Necklace: Miel Gia Necklace $50L Friday (comes with ring pictured above)

Close-up of Miel necklace (man I love their jewelry...), Pink Fuel Ember skin Honey shade in Beestung & Carrie hair in Anxious Blond.

Wow, a gorgeous $50L wedding gown! If you're on a budget and planning a partnership ceremony, this is a great idea... I apologize for the chintzy wedding background!!

Dress: BeetleBones Runaway Bridal Gown $50L Friday!
Skin: Pink Fuel Ember skin Honey shade in Pure (You can get a 4 shade pack, including dark/light/red brows & freckle options for under $2,000L. Single skins are only $700!)
Hair: Yelena.2 in Timid Brown
Shoes: G*Field Slingback Heels in White

What's in it for the guys?
My awesome friend Ezra now as me reporting to him what the guys can use on FLF, so here's my list! Epoque has black boxer shorts (slurl above), sh*t happens has sunglasses, Cheap Makeup has wifebeaters, tattoos at Habitat (slurl above), nice chest ones (slurl above), and Deco (slurl above) has a mustache!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Maitreya Summer...

Maitreya has some fabulous new releases, including lines of the adorable summery Viento Skirt and Bastille Tops (both come in a huge amount of color choices)
The skirt has a resizable script, and you can also change the color of the belt.

Skirt with rose belt color option.

Back detailing.

One of my favorite skin stores, !Imabee, is having a 50% off skin sale! Above is a close-up of "Pale - Vivian Meets The White Queen".

Top: Maitreya Bastille Top in Cerise (my moms birthday is on Bastille Day :)
Skirt: Maitreya Viento Skirt in Champagne Satin
Skin: !Imabee Vivian Meets The White Queen in Pale
Scarf: duboo.summer scarf [picnic flower 2]
Hair: Clawtooth True Betty in Delicious wine