Saturday, July 31, 2010

New Mynerva Skins!

Yay! One of my very favorite skin lines, Mynerva, has released 4 new makeup skins!

Left to right: MelloYellow, PlumKiss, Classic Red and 1984

I bought "Classic Red", I really love the slightly winged "liquid" eyeliner and glossy red lips- a classic, subdued makeup look.
Classic Red in black eyebrows in the Butterscotch shade.

It also comes with a "MistiClassic" skin! As with all Mynerva skins, you get red, brown, blonde and black eyebrow choices, a cleavage option and a free pair of eyelashes.
MistiClassic in black eyebrows in the Butterscotch shade.4

Friday, July 30, 2010

Be Rollergirl- Porn-Free!

Today Boom is releasing the adorable AND rockin' Roller Romper suit and tube socks! Each are available in 15 colors and each Romper set comes with awesome rainbow sweatbands- these are only available at the main store. Oh, and to sweeten the pot? Boom will soon be releasing hair with the headband built in! I love Boom, to me it always makes me think of daring, skin-bearing clothes that good girls would wear.

*BOOM* Roller Romper - Red
*BOOM* Tube Socks-Yellow
Skin: [PF] Pink Fuel Ember in New Blood
Shoes: Chapeau tres Mignon Wing Sneaker Boots RED
Hair: !lamb. Bang Bang Bob - Resturant Ketchup

*BOOM* Tube Socks-Tan
*BOOM* Roller Romper - Tan
Skin: Ello Poppet X's Scanner
Hair: !lamb. Bang Bang Bob - Lavender
*katat0nik* Funny Bunny Roller Girl skates

Roller Coaster of Love- Red Hot Chili Peppers cover

XanadU - Olivia Newton-John

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another Look(s) for the Little Black Dress

In 1st life and 2nd, most woman (and men!) would agree that the "little black dress" is a must-have staple for your wardrobe. Still, they can become kind of standard- but why? The simplicity of the dress opens you up to a lot of possibilities- here's a few I put together and had a lot of fun with. Sorry no slurls, I am tired...

Hair: [kik]mode-catC(black)
Dress: Stitch by Stitch Dirty Diana Dress: MODAVIA (taking off the leggings and replacing the boots w/ heels will give you a more chic, date look.)
Skin: Ugly Duck- Jesica in Lipstick
Hair piece: duboo.vitamin headphone in ribbon- The new Gacha Fair! $35L
Boots: HOC Apparel - Noir Boots

Dress: ::Happy Finds:: Wild Thing Dress
Boots: LouLou&Co Bandidas Boots in Black
Tights: Umi Usagi Knit&Short OnePiece Brown Socks
Hair w/ hat: [OH]:::(o_x):::Oh my WHAT? type A - B
Headband: ::Happy Finds:: Rose Headband (Grey)
Mask: GoGoZombie Like A Surgeon mask in Lady

DECO - Vindicate Necklace
Hair: Tatum - Paranoid Black
Shoes: [Armidi Gisaci] Viniani Heel - Black w/White

Dress: Armidi - Satin Mini Dress - Noir
Hair: Analog Dog - bettie dark
Hair flower: tomoto corsage E
Necklace: *dg* twinkle necklace
Skin: *League* Taylor Skins Medium in Bloodred

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Pig in a Bra Is Still A Pig

(Pig - Day Lilies Peaches)

Ever since I became a burly dancer in SL (ok, before too... I had dreeeeams...) I've been collecting pretty lingerie. The somehow-kosher Pig just released these really sweet, vintagey piece, "Day Lilies". You get both a bra and corset-camisole top. This is also the last day of the $25L Lazy Sweater sale, so hurry!!

Pig - Day Lilies Pink

Pig - Day Lilies Hunter & Pig - Lazy Sweater Asphalt. Hair by Ploom, skin by Atomic.

You butt will be lovingly cupped, never fear.


GoGoZombie is a new to me store that I'm loving. It's got a mix of crazy cute-punk inspired clothing, and really pretty boho styles. I also discovered a skin I love there, and with my SL skin addiction that's the fast way into my heart. Without further ado, here's just a fraction of the great stuff you can find at this shop-on-the-rise.

Dress: [ggz] Summer Schwag Dress $150L
Skin: ~Butterscotch~ Mynerva Summer of Love exclusive- Summer Nights
Hair: Rashelle - Dramatic Red

Skirt: [ggz] Boho Babe - charcoal $100L each OR a giant fatpack of colors for just $300L
Top: Armidi - Sheer Ribbed Tank Top - Gray at the Warehouse
Hair: Marie - Jealous Red
Skin: :Curio: Acorn-Elf 2-Blue Bird
Scarf: Le Charme Fashions Scarf mini grey
Shoes: [Armidi Gisaci] Viniani Heel - Black w/White at the Warehouse
Bracelets: [Armidi Gisaci] Summer Stacked Bangles at the Warehouse

Top: [ggz] Alice Tank (The tanks come in tons of patterns, $74L each or $200L for a fatpack.)
Skin: [ggz] Raenbo Skin Tone 001 (comes in two other tones) $500L each
Shorts: Doppelganger Inc. Surfrider Shorts
Hair: D!va Hair "Akane" in Citrine
Necklace: Stitch by Stitch Boite-Alice in Wonderland necklace

Oh, and that adorable mask in the first photo? You can get an entire fatpack of different designs- and it's being offered for a Midnight Mania right now so what the heck are you waiting for?!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Let's Go See What's In This Hole!

I love the sea. I love it when it's Happy Finds & The Sea Hole's turn at Project Themeory- they always go all out and offering amazing items. I was able to afford 2 things from HF and am thrilled with them!
::Happy Finds:: Anchor Necklace & Anchor T-shirt Dress. They come together for $75L!
::Happy Finds:: Rose Headband
DECO - Chimney Sweeper muStache - Grey GROUP GIFT
Skin: Atomic- Faith in Spicey
Socks: Milk Motion Gift socks
Hair: Truth Hawks- free in your inventory! Find it under "Tapered Bob (Blonde)" Tons of other shades, too!

Skirt: The Sea Hole - Lost at sea skirt- makapuu shark for Project Themeory. (There are for skirt choices, I just fell in love with the shark.)
Skin: &Bean - Hounds of Love LARV (I love &bean skins because they make me think of what a 1930's girl would look like if she was let loose in today's Sephora.)
Shirt: (5th&Oxford) Lila - Slip *ROSE*
Necklace: Jasha Oceania Necklace (Hot)
Hair: Wot? Hair 018 {blacks} (This is my favorite hair. I enjoy having things that are impossible in real life... that includes this hair. While it's clearly the baby of Cthulu, it has a pretty sweetness to it that I love. The tentacles and have are color change from black to purple.)

So, the Sea Hole decided to be amazing-er and offer this gorgeous, unique, sculpted dress for NOTHING, just clicking the subscribo. That's awesome. Thank you.

Dress: The Sea Hole gift Box! contains WHo ate ? dress in Dark eve (ok, this insane name helps me love it even more, I must admit. I ATe!)
Hair: TRUTH Rebecca - espresso (I don't know what it is, but this hair is like dude catnip. Dudenip?)
Skin: -Glam Affair- Sofia Funeral skin 1 (exclusively at Potters Field, please check my recent entries for slurl and more info!)

Seriously, check out the back detailing of this dress. I'd spend $400L on this (if I had more than $43L, that is!) and it's just... free. Thank you, Mrs. Sea Hole. Any reader of my blog knows I've been a fan of yours, and you just keep the crush chugging along. You complete me... avatar. Arrr!

Playlist for the outfits!
Modest Mouse- Dashboard / Missed the Boat

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Peacocks. They are rad.

I ADORE peacock feathers, and thanks to Fume I have a gorgeous peacock feather skirt (a congratulations gift for becoming a burlesque dancer at The Doll House from my wonderful friend Ezra- thanks again!) and their lovely peacock dress from the Pookie Promenade Flea Market.

Skin: [ATOMIC] Skin Emma_Cream Flashy 2 Freck
Boots: -CLEMATIS- group gift
Skirt: Fume' - Peacock Tank Dress/Top w/Lace Pookie
Hair: ploom Seaside in Sea (Project Themory)
Socks: **MISCHIEF** Co-Ed Socks - Lime

Hair: (fashionably dead) Messy Bessy - Bug Guts
[PACADI] - Borelli Leather Vest [olive] - Long Vest (Navy) - Shirt
Skirt: Fume' - Peacock Skirt
Necklace: Mariposa Jewels: Jaded
Hair band: un Jour*Regret*
Purse: Veschi Lemme Borrow Yer Bag Grandma! Gold - Citrus

Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Own Newbie Challenge: Women

The Newbie Challenge came and went, but it's a great idea and since I found some amazing cheap/free finds that were not featured, I figured this might be interesting/helpful. :D This was immensely fun to do- I hope any newbies out there find this post and it'll help you out- let me know if it does! $20L limit, I did it on an alt so I wouldn't cheat. :D Note: As with all my posts, I do not use Photoshop. A lot of the entries in the challenge I saw used PS heavily to make the avatars much more attractive, and I think that's extremely misleading to new members especially.

L&H - MaryLou Outfit- FREE after 20 minutes on a camping chair. Just join the group (free) & read the news or catch up on your email to get almost EVERYTHING pictured but the shoes (which are a free group subscribo gift from Maitreya- you get a whole fatpack of colors!) This includes outfit, skin, hair, accessories- even the pose! Ok the shape is a luckyboard gift from the same store, but this is an amazing value and the skin is adorable no matter how long you've been on the grid. THey have a ton of short lucky boards there- including skins- so it's worth a visit. You can remove the stockings & get plain black pants, btw. The bracelets are a free gift from Sn@tch. Eyes are the free gift from Poetic Colors. Total cost- $0L

Imagen has a fantastic pack of skins for newbies under 30 days old- it includes the skin from lightest white shade to this gorgeous black one shown above. The shirt is a lucky cupcake gift from Cupcakes, and the eyes are free from ES Eyes.

Imagen is also super generous at the Starlust Motel, which is a haven for weird cheap stuff! For $1L you get a pack of this adorable Unicorn Lover skin.
Skirt: $1L from StarLust Motel
Hair: Electric Feel - Black - Purple Tint $1L for pack!
Shoes: Maitreya Group Gift Pumps in Turquoise FREE
Shirt: TwosomelogoTee $1L

Tomorrow... the men!

You Seen An Old Clock Running Down...

Here are some of my finds from the fabulous Potter's Field event. Items marked with an * are NOT from the event.

Dress: DBW::Guardian $100L
Skin: the.oBscene LUST Lana
Hair: Clawtooth: Blue Velvet - Black beauty *

Skin: -Glam Affair- Sofia Funeral 01
Dress & watch: DBW::Reaper $100L
Hair: [ploom] - Arq in Swedish *

Dress: Djinn & Tonic - Potter's Field, The Widow 2.0
Boots: Djinn & Tonic - Potter's Field, The Widow Boot
Skin: the.oBscene LUST Lana Tone 04 (10 makeups for $600L!)
Hair: Djinn & Tonic - Rosalind, Faun

Skin: -Glam Affair- Sofia Funeral 01
Outfit: Pig - Crosstown Johnny for Potter's Field (This has both male & female sizes)
Hair: Maitreya Malou - Bistre

Outfit: Pig - Crosstown Johnny for Potter's Field (variation)
Skin: -Glam Affair- Sofia Funeral 02
Hair: - Lucy.2 - Paranoid Black *
Shoes: Coco Oxford Shoes

(Potter's Field reminded me of this heartbreaking scene from one of my all-time fave fave films, Pickup On South Street, with one of my favorite actress, Thelma Ritter. Her character spends the entire movie saving up so she won't end up anonymous in Potter's Field. Warning- it's a heartwrencher!)

It's Easy Being Green... and Blue!

Right on time, a new version of the Dressing Room Blue is out! Lots of great new items, but I seriously fell in love with this gorgeous dress from Kunglers and adored a few more items... everything is from there unless otherwise noted!
Dress: (Kunglers) The Dressing Room #4 - Floral Dress
Shoes: *G*Field* Ribbon Slingback Shoes -dark green- (L) (NOT DRESSING ROOM)
Hair: Clawtooth: Velvet Moon - Lemon Lime (NOT DRESSING ROOM)

Dress: Baiastice Allure de rase'-dark emerald (also comes w/ necklace w/out shoulder feather option.)
Skin: [dekade.] Skins -Brooke 2- TDR Special
Hair: Exile Layne/Smoke

Shirt: Emery Top Cut #Pale + Full Busted Bra (The bra is removable, shirt shows no nipple w/out it.)
Hair: Exile Layne/Cali (A red & brunette are also included.)

Necklace: *Urbanity* One Heart One Love (This necklace is awesome. You get one with a 3 (shown), and one with the greater than sign (blogger won't let me do that without messing up html code, sorry.) Both are transferrable- it's awesome for couples & best friends!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Goodbye, first part of Albero Gacha Festival...

Dress: Dansons une fleur valse_apricotorange
Shoes: duboo.supermarket shoes [2]
Beard: Duck Soup Emergency Facial Hair (The Bush) in Red
Hair: !lamb. Sleepyhead - Red Lobster Buffet (NOT gacha, don't we wish!)
*Sanu Floatie Crayon (pastel fuschia)
~Scribble~ Gacha Teapot/Head or Decor/Pink
~Scribble~ Gacha Teapot/Presenting/Blue/Flower UNCOMMON

Intrigue Co. - Black Cat Tiny avatar

Photos taken in the ::Modest House:: Gatcha Skybox C

... I can't wait to see the next part!