Saturday, May 29, 2010

I'm a monster of love, baby

They were showing "Revenge of the Creature" while I posted this, it's density!!

Lady Gaga- Monster

Danny.... come and let me help you wash behind your ears...

I love monsters. I'm kind of a 1950's boy in a 21st century 20-something-year-old-girl. I love gory horror movies, Hammer, cheesy old sci-fi movies (new sci-fi stuff doesn't appeal to me- too much smart guy stuff, not enough atomic monsters!) I have old issues of Famous Monsters of Filmland I got from Ebay (R.I.P. Dr. Ackula) and for a long time my dream was to attend the Tom Savini School of Special Effects then become the NEXT Savini/KNB- yes, all of them rolled into one- but with boobs. Well that didn't happen, but I wear my Choptop shirt proud.

Anyway. So when I heard this week's Project Themeory theme was MONSTERS, I was super excited! My favorite items are the skin & shape from The Sea Hole and PLOOM'S BRIDE OF FRAKENSTEIN HAIR. I *love* the Bride of Frankenstein, I even had a fanpage on Geocities for it! (Hell yeah I'm cool, also I am from the streets.) Ploom, born from the glorious Deviant Kitties, is fast becoming one of my favorite hair places.

Detail of Ploom hair; dinner.

Look at the detailing on these boots! Just lovely. Ok I added an extra Bax layer for extra monstery-ness, just ignore that. Or enjoy it?

WILD THING! *splat splat, splat splat, splat splat!*

Necklace: ::Happy Finds:: Vintage Yowling Cat Head Necklace $10L
Dress: ::Happy Finds:: Wild Thing Dress $75L Themory
Watch: Alice in WonderSLand Memento pocketwatch (they sent a box of mementos to those who attended the show, they're awesome- thank you guys!! Can't wait to play flamingo croqutte!)
Skin & shape: The Sea Hole Monster girlfriend Skin & shape $75L Themory (told you they were awesome!!)
Hair: ploom Bride of Frankenstein $75L themory
Boots: Ho Wear (LOOOVE the name =/) #2::DUCE::2# Buckled Illusion $25L
Fishnet Stockings: Domino Fashions

Finally, a Rest in Peace to Dennis Hopper, legendary free ridin' madman. While he was in many classic films, I will always have a soft spot for him in one of my all-time favorites... the (intentionally) hilarious, underrated Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. Enjoy.

Bug spray and morphine

Outfit/mood playlist:

After the Danger Dolls show I had a lot of fun hanging out with everyone. Then RL came back in to remind me of how isolated I really am and how everything is shattering. Sometimes Lila can't help but get isolated, too.

Shirt: Vita's Boudoir "eat my bones! shirt" from the Sweet Death outfit
Skirt: *dg* rusty crow's nest skirt
Jacket: *League* Belted Leather Jacket-Old Antique Brown
Skin: [Plastik]- 50L Fridays- Blue Damask- Female

Friday, May 28, 2010

50 Linden Hop, my fave day in SL!

Shirt & shorts: (5th&Oxford) Seaside Sweetie Shorts and Striped Halter $50L Friday!
Necklace: MIEL Sey necklace $50L Friday!
Hair: TRUTH Marguerite in Coffee

I love long-sleeved short dresses. This one is deceptively plain from the front...

... then you turn around a BA-BAM! I love details like that. :)

Dress: This is a Fawn - String Dress [blood] $50L Friday!
Hair: (bottom) !lamb. Sour - Butterfinger $50L Friday! (top) Sn@tch hair in Sally black FREE!
Shoes: G*Field SLingback heels in crimson

Shai is offering four stunning dresses, hopefully I can have the pics up soon.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Damn, Sam...

Outfit playlist:

I love me some gacha machines! Discovering new ones makes me one happy kid. Also- freebie bracelet, bag and skull lip piercing- all from *SOMAPOP*! Glasses and antlers $30L each from there.

Scarf: .:i *Towa* i:. scarf ( rainbow ) FREE from lucky board!
Hair: Troof Sylvia hair
Skin: !Imabee FREE Lucy skin!
Jeans: Mischief "Rock Me, Roll Me" set FREE group gift oufit!
Shirt: Evil Dead shirt (groovy, baby) $50L from Radeon Automatic

They see me foraging, they hatin'.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Black or White? Both, baby!

Dress: {So Many Styles} Fishy Glitter Dress Monochrome for TDR 4 $50L
Necklace: [ glow ] studio Diamond Bear Necklace $50L(TDR)
Boots: [CheerNo]YAJI Boots/Snake (silver choice) $70L (TDR)
Bracelets: TDR special Big Bracelet Greys $35L for 4 different color combinations TDR
Hair: Lucy.2 in Paranoid Black

Tents for Haiti, The Dressing Room and FLF Part 1

Outfits playlist:
The Ramones- I Want You Around
Guns n Roses- Night Train

The first chance you need to go to the amazing sim for Tents for Haiti (that slurl will take you there in front of the FK Virtues vendor), where a ton of amazing vendors are raising money for the amazing charity "Tents for Haiti" which you can also donate "real life" money to by clicking this sentence. There are a lot of great deals and freebies there as well, here is the FK Virtures Laura Little House dress in brown I picked up there, along with some other gems...
Dress: FK Virtures Laura Little House dress in brown $50L (comes in 3 different colors)
Necklace: FK VIRTUES Protect You Necklace FREE, mens necklace also included!
Boots: [CheerNo]YAJI Boots/Snake DR (snake two-tone selection) $70L TDR
Hair: Clawtooth Woman of the Year - Delicious wine $50L Friday includes the True Betty hair in Uptown Brown!)
Pose: [LAP] 50L Friday - Women's Box $50L Friday set (it's awesome!!)
Earrings: [Whippet&Buck] Little Bow Earring BLACK METAL&GOLD $50L Stumblebum exclusive. Click here for close-up photo of accessories and hair!

FK VIRTUES - Project Tent "Sweet Blossom" Set $200L (includes the shoes) Proceeds go to Tents for Haiti
Hair: Magika Jessica $99L for fatpack (I feel like a Ramone!)

Skin: Schwarz Fresh Fruit skin in Annie $1L! Hunt item from Schwarz's grand opening, find it and lots of other great $1 items here. There are also unisex items in the hunt, so check it out, dudes!
Outfit: A&A Fashion Nonchalance Set White $65L TDR
Sunglasses: [glow] Studio - Jackie O Sunglasses $50L TDR (you get them in both black & cream shades)
Earrings: [glow] studio Letter Earrings (2 colors) $50L TDR
Hair: ploom Cember in Ash

(I look like the lovechild of Kim Kardashian and Peter Bogdanovich!)

More deal items in next entry, stay tuned!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Meet me down in the ol' Sea Hole, arrrgh!

Outfit(s) playlist:
Blur- Tender

Anyone else think I'm channeling Thora Birch here?

Magika is one of my very favorite hair stores- great prices, truly unique styles and they are just well-made. Not only can you pick up a TON of amazing hair free from there, they're having a $99L for a fatpack on a ton of great styles. Today she released 2 new styles, "Wild" really appealed to me (especially in the "wild" color pack, see above) so I'll be rocking it on my noggin for these photos. :)

The Sea Hole is an amazing store. Not only are the clothes gorgeous and unique, but it also offers some top shelf skins for $400L each and shapes that are actually GOOD for $150L each. Above you can see their recent release, the Ric-rac-nRoll Cherry dresses- vintage/rockabilly cute with a quirky edge.

Dress: Ric-rac-nRoll Cherry dress:: Goldy Zoom Cherry (TIP: Detach the prim skirt and the outfit doubles as a cute one-piece swimsuit!)
Pose: [doll.] Ella 09 subscribe-o-matic gift! pose
Skin: Sea Hole Drinkskin- Fate, red lip zenith. In this photo only is DrinkShape in Tender
Shoes: Paper Couture from XStreet
Hair accessory: tomoto corsage from gacha machine $10L

Ok, I will admit this photo/pose/prop is insane. I am a little insane. This is going to creep in occasionally. Enjoy?

Top: The Sea Hole Camille Sculpty Crop Top : Red cake
Pants: The Sea Hole Highwaisted Engineer Shorts (Black Denim)
Shoes: Shiny Things Sugar Pumps in Cherry
Pose: -RC- MyFace Pose
Skin: Plastik

SwanSong Gift

Outfit playlist:
The Ronettes- Be My Baby

The maker of Atomic Bambi- one of my favorite stores- has a new offshoot store called SwanSong. If you like delicate, pretty dresses you should definitely check the store out! At her new Bill Starlust outlet she's offering this free bikini in SIX colors, perfect for upcoming pool parties and/or Jello fights!
Hair: NEW Truth Sylvia in Sangria

[[[ SWANSONG ]]] Breeze Kaftan in Scarlet
Hair: NEW Truth in Bettina

I love these dresses, it's like something you'd wear in Haight/Ashbury in the 60's summertime. I've been digging cute little dresses lately, I'll try to feature some thrifty ones soon!

I love the Sylvia hair, you get your main color pack and then the choices in color changing stripes. I love candy colored hair, ESPECIALLY pink, and Truth does some of the best pink hair in SL (I Love Olive is my other favorite.) My skin is the new League "Taylor" skin, I am completely in love with it. It's my first League skin, the ones I've tried before seemed to have been made for avatars with stronger "bone" structure, but this one works very well with delicate faces.

Tattoo: "Hope" from La Petite Morte
Necklace: Deco Springtime necklace
Pose: Striking Poses

Friday, May 14, 2010

DJ Last Minute!

A picture says seven words: "Stop. Lila. Stop. It's not working. No."

So, tonight is a big night for me. My amazing boss lady, ElizaRose Gloom, is uber busy in RL so I'm organizing AND Djing AND hosting the show, when usually I'm just a hostess. Gulp.

Right now I'm refining my playlist, after this I have to get REAL life ready because right after the show I need to drive across town to a VERY important birthday party, sigh. I'm mucho looking forward to that, I just really wish my life didn't follow the pattern of "duuuuuulllll...OMGAKUNGFUDUCKISBEATINGCHUCKNORRISALERTTHEPRESIDENT!!!.. duuullll". You get the idea. Possibly? Anyway, please come to the Danger Dolls show! Unless you just wanna boo me! I am very emotionally fragile!

Why I'm not managing/hosting/DJing AND dancing... yes, it was even more painful than it looks. =(

I'm digging my casual look right now, so here's some pics. I AM IN LOVE WITH THESE SHOES. Holy cow. Anyway, I'm going to look a complete 180 from this tonight, thus I snapped these.

Lila's Most Favorite Shoes Evar: Wing Sneaker Boots from Chapeau tres Mignon
Hair: Check last entry. I'm so laaaazy.
Shirt: Surf Couture Slouchy Thread Sweater - Gray Stripe $50L Friday! Oh man I love this thing, rooomy but still sexy.
Shorts: *CUPCAKES Modern Suspender Set - Black/Red

Have a great weekend everybody!

Fifty Linden Hop

Outfit(s) Playlist:
Mates of State- My Only Offer

Hair: W&Y Hair New141 (a name that rolls off the tongue like tacks off sandpaper, eh?) I LOVE this hair, and it comes with the option to change the jewel colors to almost a dozen different choices. This is also a click-and-change-the-haircolor kind of hair, which I love. Interestingly enough (to me, anyway) it seems brands based in Japan use this technology *almost* exclusively.
Boots: Bax Prestige Boots in gold
Dress: Tiny Bird - St Augustine Dress - Champagne $50L

Hair: Tiny Bird - Postcards from Italy - Brown (also comes in a Red shade, and they have another black unisex hair that's awesome but looks downright hateful on my particular noggin.) $50L
Blouse: PIDIDDLE Soft Soul Top - Lilac $50L

Obviously my "phtotography skills" are awful (my grandparents owned a photography studio for decades, they'd laugh their teeth out if they saw me referring to the above as "photography") anyway, sorry about the photo being even more boring than usual- hopefully I'll get some interesting shots at Danger Dolls tonight, at 9PM SLT! *plug plug*

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dressing Dangerously

Outfit playlist:
Nouvelle Vague- The Killing Moon
Electric Six - Danger! High Voltage
I am the proud hostess of a show called Danger Dolls, which is burlesque (basically a witty, teasing strip down to pasties and panties- NEVER nudity) but with a post-apocalyptic-steamPUNK-industrial edge. Its creator also runs The Doll House- the best vintage burlesque in SL- ElizaRose Gloom. For my "character" looks quite a bit different from my usual look.

I always patchwork pieces from everywhere, never using a complete outfit from one place. I kind of think of myself as a girl who lives in the post-apocalyptic wasteland, grabbing out top hats, canes and costumes where she can find them to put on amateur shows to save the sanity of herself and those around her. Magic, vaudeville comedy, maybe a little soft shoe... our hostess was born in the wrong decade.

The costume changes each night (performances are Tuesday & Friday 9PMSLT), I'll start documenting them here. :) Tonight I was wearing...

Corset shirt: Umi Usagi The Black Bunny hunter FREE from lucky chair!
[.:* LOULOU&CO *:.] FREE from the Dark Katz hunt!
Bax ankle boots in black
Red Queen Envy hair in PitchOnyx
Grim Bros. Vampire Phobia hat
GrungeInk Cherished Tattoo (Full Body)
Indyra Originals Urban Agenda Blouse: Fire Cat outfit (FREE from Dark Katz hunt, going on now!)
Fishnet Stockings:
Dominion Fashions Freebie
[SB] Trinkets Bracelet Set (free form Accessory Faire)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Want to be a walking creamsicle? Sure, we all do!

Outfit Playlist- I'm just listening to Blondie- a lot of Blondie.

For today only Mischief is offering the "My Best Girl" dress for $50L only, or $150L for a fatpack! They're sweet little dresses perfect for spring. They come in five colors and have really nice flower/ivy detailing on them.

Dress: Mischief "My Best Girl" dress in Melon $50L Today Only!
Hair: Truth Kase Mahogany

My skin today is from The Dressing Room's fabulous new collection, *YS & YS* (Your Skin Your Shape) Barbara TDR SummerTime, only $70L. These deals only last a week, so make sure to hurry in!

Also featured at TDR is the {SMS} Basic Cardigan Orange. It comes with a full sweater attachment, though for this pairing I'm just wearing the top. Suddenly I'm craving orange sorbet...

Sweater: So Many Styles Basic Cardigan Orange for TDR 3 $50L
Hair: Miel Sunday Hair in Black 2
Pose: Glitterati

Friday, May 7, 2010

SL Photo News Story Sum-Up Theater Presents..

Romaine Lettuce RECALL In 23 States Over E. Coli

Come, eat, I knew your father....

Aw baby, e.coli isn't really BAD for you....

Tainted lettuce: Pig - Hearts of Romaine dress, exclusive to the Koreshan Pointe Bake Sale.
Delicious, sweet, safe sugar shoes: Grim Bros. Antidepressant Heel in Pink Green Sugar, also from the Bake Sale.