Monday, September 27, 2010

Unique Megastore Scarllet skin & Mynerva Eyebrow Tattoos!

Scarllet Skin #11 w/ teeth option.

Anyone who knows me in RL knows I'm a huge Scarlett Johansson fan, and her and Christina Hendricks are not only the 2 women I'd switch teams for, but would REALLY like to look like. Mad Men Joan is still a dream, but with Unique Megastores' recent release, Scarllet I can look like ScarJo! I used my own shape and still looked a lot like her, it's uncanny. Each skin comes w/ hairbase & Cleavage options, and skin 11 & 12 come with adorable "teeth" options.

I'm also wearing the Scalett eyes you can also purchase, and they're pretty amazing. Light & slightly milky looking, but with great subtle color detail.

Makeup 11 w/ teeth option.
Hair: Maitreya Lila (awesome name!) in Henna

Makeup #10 comes with freckles only, and it's freakin' adorable!
Hair: TRUTH Peta - ivory

For me, I prefer dark eyebrows & mainly wear dark hair, so I used Mynerva's eyebrow tattoo layers to try out darker eyebrows on Scarrlet, and love the effect!
Makeup 09
Mynerva Eyebrow Style 2~Brown Dark
Hair: fri. - Lucy - Timid Brown

Makeup 08
Mynerva Eyebrow Style 2~Brown Dark
Hair: Posh- I'm A Hipser in Caramel

Makeup 07
Mynerva Eyebrow Style 2~Black Dark (I feel like these make Scarlett a bit Jennifer Connelly!)
Hair: [Shag] - Pictures Of You - coffee

Makeup 06
Mynerva Eyebrow Style 2~Red Light
Hair: [Shag] - Erotica - dark copper

Makeup 05
Mynerva Eyebrow Style 2~Blonde Dark
Hair: - Carrie - Delighted Blond

Makeup 04
Mynerva Eyebrow Style 2~Blonde Light

Makeup 03
Hair: I Love Olive Emma hair in Pink Flamingo

Makeup 02
Hair: W&Y HAIR New141

Makeup 01
Hair: TRUTH Trinity - ivory

Friday, September 24, 2010

Concrete Flowers Scarves for Men & Women & new Laqroki skin!

My favorite season- autumn!- is finally here, and I'm really geeking out over the cozy fall fashions starting to come out. Concrete Flowers has just released these amazing Fallen Leaves Scarves, and I adore them to the point I wanna reach into SL and grab them for myself! They come in male and female sizes with multiple attachment points. They are mod/copy/no transfer.

(Credits for top photo)
Hair: Clawtooth: French Connection in Girl Next Door (50L Friday)
Skin: NEW! Laq skin in Nellie 04 Light
Sweater: :::Sn@tch Colleen Sweater Top (Black-S):::

Scarf: CONCRETE FLOWERS- FALLEN LEAVES SCARF -fall- [female] chest
Skin: NEW! Laq skin in Nellie 07 Light
Lip shade: Mynerva Plain Jane Lipstick Style 2~Orange
Sweater: 1-800-Betty Lace Sweater - Red
Hair: *booN QPT129 hair blueblack

This is what happens when the guys that tell me they'll be on my blog flake out- you get male me...

Skin: MIASNOW Skin - ADAM Redhead 2 (Currently having a $420L skin fatpack sale!)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth...

Green is my favorite color, and certain shades of it just send my brain a torrent of happiness signals. This dress from Paper Couture's amazing new collection really captured me. As always, Tiny Bird released an amazing offering for Fifty Linden Friday, and I really dug how they looked together.

Dress: Paper Couture Waves Of Silk
Skin: [Bella de Notte] Rosi in light Group Gift. I have been wearing this skin OBSESSIVELY, it's a steal at $200L to join the group. The lips are so perfect, I'm having a lot of fun pairing it with dozens of eyeshadow colors.
Eyeshadow: .:Glamorize:. Brilliance Eye Makeup - Bronzed (Yep, from one of their amazing $10L e/s packs!)
Hair: Tiny Bird - Jailbird - Light Black 1 FLF (You get 2 shades, there are also red, blonde & brunette packs.)
Earrings: Stitch by Stitch

Limited aDiva Deal!

Until tomorrow (Friday at 3AM SLT) aDiva Couture will be offering this awesome full outfit for only $5L! It's so choice (yes, I talk like Ferris Bueller) and perfect for autumn as is, or really easy to layer & deconstruct in pieces. I highly recommend joining the group/subscribo as this store seems to have constant deals and very high-quality clothes.
Outfit: Living in Germany wearing aDIVA couture Mona watching the rain
Necklace: TDR Special Golden Peacock (you can visit the designer of the necklace here)
Shoes: *G*Field* Figure Pumps -hound-tooth brown
Hair: Exile Fiona/kindred
Skin: Tiffany skin in Brown, from a $50L pack on Xstreet!
Lips: [dekade.] SKINS -Claire- glossy lips/red 03 makeup layer
Earrings: Donna Flora VIOLETTA earrings

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Last Morning of Shore Leave!

Last day of shore leave! I don't remember much, except I had fun, my stomach hurts, and PHOTO BOOTH!!
Ooo, I can send these to ma!

Little help?

Skin: []::Tuli::[] :: Helena 02 The Dressing Room $65L
Jacket: *CUPCAKES - Loli - Asymmetrical Jacket in Blue
Pants: PROZAK - Stripe Capri - Gray/ First designer & store I discovered as a newbie, this is just a hop, skip & a jump away from the Telehub I rezzed at and that newbie Shelter I learned stuff at!
Hat: Hat Mechanic Black Noodle Black Band w/ Feather
Hair: Lucy.2 in Jealous Red
Shoes: COCO Two Tone Oxford shoes
Earring: Talisman - Midori Essential Pearl Earring. Gold & silver versions FREE. Don't forget to hit the lucky board! This was one of my favorite discoveries as a newbie, they have quirky earrings for next to nothing (I got the vinyl record earrings I wear religiously from here) and lots of freebies and dollarbies (including shapes & accessories!) that change constantly.

I never smile for photos. Man I feel lonely all of a sudden, sniff...

Eyeshadow: .:Glamorize:. Makeup Tattoo - Glitzy 1 Flame. This store has sets of awesome eyeshadows (the best) and lipstick for just $10L a set!! Hellllllo addiction!

My new drinking buddy, Mojo Jojo, from Zooby's just showed up!!

I'm not going back, Jojo & me are gonna win the surfing competition then take our winnings to open a crepe stand in Mexico. See ya soon, hombres!

Sweater: {So Many Styles} Open Cardigans Beige The Dressing Room
Hair: [Shag] Somebody's Baby - cinnamon The Dressing Room
Shirt: [arnadi] Tshirt David Bowie black
Eyeshadow: .:Glamorize:. Starbright Eyeshadow - Sunshimmer

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gosh, Kosh! Awesome Makups & More

I joined SL one week before viewer 2.0 was released. I heard the torrent of complaints, and my noobie butt decided to stick with the version that already worked perfectly for me. Then... I heard about makeup layers. In RL I'm the girl that carries around about a dozen lipglosses in her bag, so having those options in SL seemed like a dream. I downloaded Emerald beta... and well you know.

The lovely Lynaja Bade, designer at KOSH was kind enough to send me a TON of makeups. I just downloaded Phoenix- so far zero crashes and it's awesome!- and I'm going to town. Here I'll show the makeup on different skins, an eyeshadow & lippie on each so you can see the original skin color for both.

KOSH offers an almost unending amount of colors & styles for sensational prices (you basically give all your owned skins dozens of renewed lives, like a zombie cat!)

LAQ Tasha skin in Milky.
KOSH Purty Lips in Strawberry
Hair: !lamb. Mon Cheri - Ink from the Hair Fair
Necklace: KOSH Multiplex necklace (mens size included!)

KOSH Glossy Eyeshadow in Emerald

Ugly Duck Jesica "Day" skin.

KOSH Shimmery & smoke eyeshadow in Violet
!lamb. Lovelier Girl - Obsidian. (Ok... I am a believer, beside the lag slags the hair fair is AMAZING. I am really, REALLY into this hair.)

KOSH Glossy lips in Raspberry

KOSH Purty lips in Sunet
Skin: Tres Blah {Light} DU Narcissus from Designer Showcase 4

KOSH Glossy eyeshadow in Choco
Shirt: GROWL Monolith Grooby Babby Hitchcock shorter T-shirt
Shorts (below): Concrete Flowers Mischa School Time shirts in dark grey (NEW!) Comes in tons of colors, and pocket and belt attachments!

I love, love, love this Bookworm bed from KOSH!! You can jump on it and it comes with a TON of poses (no sex bed, kinksters.) I'm a huge bookworm in real life (being the kid of a librarian will do that to you) every picture you see of me in my room will have books behind my head, it's sad. I just loved the gorgeous detail and BOOKS! She also makes lots of other beds and cool, loft-style furniture that really looks "lived" in, a really cool contrast in our smooth pixel world.

Zeese arms... zhey reach nothing!!

A finalist for some beauty contest, looking super fashionable in grey tumors at the Hair Fair.

I have a "real" post I'm working on, but I wanted to take a second to be a hateful beyotch.

So I wandering around Designer's Showcase, and there are a LOT of models walking around with T-Rex arms. Giraffe long legs and t-rex arms. If you want to have legs that long, your arms *have* to be set at 100. I mean, I saw one really tall lady whose arms barely grazed her hips and she had the title "Sex Bomb". Did a sex bomb blow off half your arms? That's the only reason you'd think rocking those arms is hot. I was guilty of this too when I first joined... but if you're a "top model" with a bunch of $7,000L modeling school graduations listed in your profile you're just making everyone involved look bad. If you try to come off elite and flawless, I will call you on your shenanigans.

For a great example (lots of silhouettes!) check out Miss Hotness's proportions from this MJ video. Long arms AND legs, slender frame but has actual lady proportions.

I'm just looking out for your careers!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Atomic Concrete Flowers!

WOW, so many events going on right now! This is one of those times where it's awesome we have so many fashion blogs, because there's a lot of amazing to cover. In my little corner? Atomic keeps begging me to stalk it by releasing skins like Morgan here- this one just $500L, an exclusive for Project Donate and ALL proceeds go to UNICEF. (I Love Olive "Doris" hair in Pink Flamingo shown!)

Like my blang blang, don't you? It's the adorable Project Themeory "Back to School" paperclip necklace & bracelet set by the awesome & hilarious store Concrete Flowers (which is next door to the highly addictive Kosh- I mean they make skins that look this THIS for $599L: )
KOSH Vee skin in Wine Metal.

The hair is Taylor by Dernier Cri from the Hair Fair (seriously people- TAKE OFF YOUR PRIMS!!! A facelight are you kidding me? You're just a grey blob, fashionista!), and it moves SO beautifully and looks so glossy and lush that I want to have its hairy prim babies.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

BOOM Surf Polo Shirts!

*BOOM* has released these adorable freakin' polo shirts that I'm kind of in love with. There are 23 colors available and it's a really nice send-off to the summer.

*BOOM* Surf Polo -Faded Red
Glasses: [glow] Studio - Jackie O (black)
Hair by !lamb, skin by Ugly Duck.

Skin Tyranny on Sunday by iheart, which has a ton of deals going on right now and their makeup selection is *insane*. Hair by Maitreya.