Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kawaii Pink Fuel Gyaru skin& Wot? Hair

Hey everyone! I have a little post up at the Second Style blog, I wrote it a while ago but I guess they had a backlog. :) It's a great blog that's open to guest bloggers so check that out if you're interested!

Hair: Wot? 032
Skin: [PF] Ember - Violet
Dress: (5th&Oxford) Rosalie Babydoll
Hat: (Milk Motion) My straw hat
Heels: Clocktower Designs Rogue Heels Charcoal
Socks: *BOOM*

Quick post to show the awesome new Pink Fuel Gyaru skin I picked up at The Circle Project (which has a *ton* of exclusive deals, so check it out!). If you don't know, Gyaru is a super cute style in Japan that used to be pretty ridiculous (if you've seen the Super Gals! anime you know what I'm talking about) but has toned down and it's very pretty, soft and girly now. The skin comes in 4 different makeup styles (including nude), $400L each.

Gyaru model.

The skin comes with light/dark brows, 4 eyebrow shape styles and lots of fun prim stickers!

[PF] Star Stickers Set 3, hair by Wot?. Wot? is one of my *favorite* hair places- this tentacle hair is by far my favorite. It represents to sides of my interests- the cute and the absurd- and it's truly something you can wear in SL. The store is closing :( and they are having a sale. Each hair pack is just $40L and fatpacks are $120L, so if you like unusual hair styles you have until Sept. 14 to shop there. I also got my pair of brass knuckles there, so... something to keep in mind. Safety first!

It's raining frogs at the Starlust Floyd sim!!

[PF] Heart Stickers (multi) set.

All poses by Marukin!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

"I fell off my pink cloud with a thud." -Elizabeth Taylor

.Magoa. Think Pink Hunt #53
-Glam Affair- Think Pink Hunt Sofia V2 skin

Ok, as much as I love monster movies... I'm a sucker for the color pink. If you are too, then good news- starting August 30th (Monday) and will be going on until the 30th of September, making it a really nice situation where you're not rushing through the whole thing. Here's a preview of some of the great items you'll be able to hunt!

::Temptation:: Dress Desir Pink & White Lace
$GaNKeD$ Royalty Choker in Pinks

#1 TPH CandyDoll Alessia Skin (Your starting destination!)
[chuculet] ina pearl necklace - pink - Think Pink Hunt # 38

.::Silenced::. Think P!NK Hunt Gift Mollie skin and hunt dress

Broken Doll Think Pink Gift

PIDIDDLE - Think P!nk Hunt Gift - Pink High Waisted Tube Skirt

Remember- 'till death do us part- think pink!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Epic Mustache Post, Part 2!

Some of my favorite gin strainers are from the Clawtooth: Men Love Mustaches pack. Here is a lovely look at these darlings!
"The Dapper Dandy." Hair by Wild0, skin by Mynerva.

"Clawtooth: The Frowny Cowboy" (Skin by Curio, hair by fri.day)

"Clawtooth: The Quick Draw" (Skin by Ugly Duck, hair by Ploom)

"Clawtooth: The Regal Baron" (Skin by Dutch Touch, hair by Truth.)

"Clawtooth: The Stern General" (Hair by Wild0, skin by Dutch Touch, shirt by Rednecks from Hell- $30L on Xstreet.)

duboo.charlie's moustache4 & duboo.dreamer samara's pipe [wood] (Skin by AtomicBambi, hair by SyDs.)

Ouchie Dumpling is startled by the power of her devilish 'stache/goatee combo created by Nix Sands!

Paradox Messmer's 'stache from Discord Designs makes him strong like bull!

Hope you enjoyed it- power to the 'stache! JAZZ HANDS!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Epic Mustache Post, Part 1!

Curio Obscura - Free Clockwork Mustache (you get a pack of different colors!) sweater Surf Couture - Artist Cardigan & Golden Leaf Brooch for $50L Friday, Tuli Helena skin from the new Dressing Room collection- which ok, is covered up, but it's absolutely lovely, dirt cheap and has purple freakin' eyeshadow!

I LOVE wearing mustaches in SL. Yes, I'm a lady in RL and SL- but so what? I can't grow one in real life and I enjoy looking distinguished. It also brings to mind the old timey silent movie era and vaudeville to my mind- things I am greatly interested in. This will be in too parts as it's rather large. I was lucky enough to find fellow 'stache sporters so you get to see some mugs other than mine as well!

STACHE: DECO - Chimney Sweeper muStache - Grey. Was a group gift but you can still buy it! While it is, in fact, a wonderful chimney sweep 'stache I think it's also very good for a wise older look- for the type the hands out well-worn wisdom at the end of a bar.
Hair: Clawtooth: Velvet Moon - Distinguished
Dress: Schwarz-Group Gift August 25 (Free!)
Skin: *YS&YS* Charlotte 04 Joy

TICKETme. Paper Mustache - Blue. TICKETme. has a whole gacha machine that gives out these rad paper 'staches for just $10L! This is for the lady that wants to wear one, yet wants those around her to understand she can tear it off and reveal her pretty face at a moments notice.
Hair: TRUTH Nadia in Smurf
Shirt: fri.day
Skin: Unique Megastore

'Stache, hair, shirt and necklace all from the store... wait for it... Mustache! This is one of the best 'staches I own- always garners compliments- so the store name was earned, you better believe it.
Skin: []::Tuli::[] TDR :: Gina 06. Since the Gina skin was so popular in the Dressing Room, Tuli will be releasing a full line of the skin in the future!

Intrigue Co. - Mario set. What more is there to say except... Itsa me, Mario!
Hair: Nylon Outfitters Rachel Nylon hair
Skin: Lara Skin-Selena Pale

Yummy- Luigi moustache. He may never get the princess, but he DOES have the bigger 'stache!
Skin: Mynerva Cynthia Butterscotch Clouds
Hair: Sn@tch Sally in Chocolate

Fitzwilliam Lacourte modeling one from DD Beards Ministore! Rather dapper wouldn't you say, what what?

Why it's my friend Christiana Silverweb, blogger at Life Of A/n SL Nerd! She is sporting a sweet 'stache from A:S:S which is... wait for it... FREE! Speaking of her...

She made this awesome 'stache tattoo! She doesn't have a store... YET... but keep your eyes peeled. The sweet 'stache I'm rockin' here is courtesy of AtomicBambi. This was the first one I bought and it's sculpted perfectly, definitely a gold standard worthy of Ned Flanders.

Part 2 coming right up!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Stitch by Juicy Stitch!

Oh boy, new Stitch by Stitch items- and on SALE! First they're doing a special collaboration with the awesome pose store Olive Juice. For this weekend only these adorable Billie Jean suits are only $50L each (normally $200L) for now's the time to grab 'em!

STITCH BY STITCH UMBRELLA texturechange*******
Earrings: Stitch by Stitch Owl earring
Outfit: Stitch by Stitch BILLY JEAN RED Overall
Skin: Ugly Duck Laura - Milk # 2
Hair: !lamb. Lost - Milk Stumblebum

Outfit: Stitch by Stitch BILLY JEAN GREENOverall
Skin: !Imabee Bam bam pizza and ham
Hair: Clawtooth How soon is now - Sun Kissed

Bikini/shorts, pose and ice cream: Ice Baby bikini by Stitch by Stitch, pose by Olive Juice
Hair: Clawtooth: How soon is now - Girl Next Door
Skin: Suzie from Unique Megastore

I am more excited about this outfit than the face would suggest!

Outfit: Stitch by Stitch-Billy Jean Pink dress
Skin: &Bean - Hounds of Love LARV

Handpainted Stitch by Stitch shirt w/ Olive Juice event.
Does anyone here use the original browser? When I logged in this morning mine changed, it looks more like Emerald now?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Ugly Duck Group Gift & Build!

If you haven't heard (or even if you have, please stay) Ugly Duck at Filthy Cute has released a new group gift- and wrapped around it is an amazing multi-story build! Picture heavy entry ahead.

Ugly Duck Droid skin, with Data prim eyes. The skin is genderless and comes barcoded on the back. It is bad ass. When you land, walk around the walkway to the left and enter the "Gacha" room to find the group gifts. It's smooth, sterile and stainless.

I loved the old build, and was a little bummed out that it was changing. Well hell, now I barely remember what it used to look like! Ms. Fade Lei- who owns the land with Noam Sprocket of Gritty Kitty (who really needs to hurry and move in, btw...)

Has created levels of a futuristic... I'd call it dystopia but I'm pretty sure Ms. Lei wants the future to look and work just like this. "I tried to keep it like the old Dirty Cute, but this ones Filthy Cute." Old DC was a big influence, though the tunnels here are way damn cooler. So far it's been featured on the Emerald Beta login page and Showcased!

Filthy. Under construction Red Light District. This cracks Fade up because she reproduces asexually through Bjork song transmissions.

The "All Is Full of Love" moving gallery.


Strip for cold, robot businessmen at the luxe The Metro Club!

Big awesome sign and moving billboard. Yes, she creates amazing skins then builds this. I will hold your hand while we both give up on ever being cool.

I call him "Quacker, the Ugly Duck!" Click him to open a door to skin that'll make you stand out and be accepted by your robot overlords.

Click and teleport. The teleporter is awesome and even tells you what level you are on with a sexy lady robot voice!

Droids like humans nude and behind bars.

These pictures are a *tiny* look at the new Filthy Cute, it really needs to be experienced. Visit, join the group, gets tons of skins for $250L, get some $200L gacha skins then also buy her other skins because... they are really, really nice.

Creative people are evil. She lured me over to show me a terrifying skin she made (I can't stress how much thinking of it gives me bad flashbacks) then she stored me underground to consume later.
I'm not kidding, I'm still down there. She threw down a laptop and made me write this. I have lived a sinful and wicked life but I really need to pee, please.

I love you all.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Project Stumbleory

Just a little post... Stumblebum and Project Themeory are out! OUT I TELL YOU!

Hair: !lamb. Lost - Milk $75L for Stumblebum. This is a brand new shade that will be added to the black & white hairpacks!
Outfit: Pig - Liza Minelli is ALIVE $75L for Project Themeory
Skin: [ATOMIC] Skin Audri_Porcelain - Stumble 2

I've been a fan of Atomic's skins and love the ones I own, but I've never tried Audri for whatever reason, and I am realllly loving this skin. Close-up!

Hair: !lamb. Say Redux - Milk $75L

Friday, August 13, 2010

Some FLF and Freebies!

Hair: Clawtooth Cuddle Puddle - Coffee with cream $50L Friday!
Dress: (Milk Motion) My jean dress. $50L Friday! (The skirt prim attaches to the top that will cover your boobs. Resizing that makes the entire thing larger, so I had to take mine down to around 34 and it finally fit. =/)
Skin: Unique Skins
Dress & hat: Grim Bros. little green doll dress. No Strings Attached hunt- free! It's easy to find, I'll give you a hint- what animal sticks its head in the ground?
Hair: Magika Lust in Merlot. For Friday the 13th Magika has 4 free hairs at the bottom of the ladder in the store, so make sure you grab them!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thirsty for Thursday?

More CandyDoll skins, this time only $50L each a tone for Thirsty Thursday! Yep, that means this deal is for today only. Since I showed some of their skins the other day I thought I'd showcase the body a bit (so pixel nudity ahead!) I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised at the quality of the body, especially for the price- the skin isn't muddy at all, and I like how cute and "low-key" the small nipples are
Skin: *CandyDoll* Alina in Tanned
Hair: (epoque hair) Fashion Pop - Meat
Shirt: (Dernier Cri) Vest (over tank) - Maroon

Skin: *CandyDoll* Alina in Dark w/ hairbase
Jacket: SLink Milli Military Coat (Platinum Hunt)
Phoenix Rising - Journey Earrings (Platinum Hunt)

Tattoo: {Dead Carrot} [I drawed this] tattoo. I love these tattooes, also a Thirsty Thursday exclusive.
Skin: *CandyDoll* Alina in Pale
Hair: TRUTH Marguerite in Coffee

Skin: *CandyDoll* Alina in Tan
Panties: (5th&Oxford) Days of the Week Panty - *thursday*
Hair: fri.day - Marie - Dramatic Red